La Marca Editora


Che, la estrella de un revolucionario (Che, the Star of a Revolutionary), was just published by Editorial La Marea. The text was written by the founder of the publishing house, Constanza Brunet and Guido Indij. The illustrations were done by South Korean artist Ju Yun Lee, whom the publishers discovered in a recent visit to Frankfurt’s Book Fair. The hardcover book, with its colorful illustrations, will soon be found in school libraries throughout Latin America.

No sooner had it been launched, the book, which is intended for readers younger than 12 years of age, found itself mired in controversy.

“We had decided to bring out a collection of books about historical characters, and what better way to start than with the story of Che Guevara.” Guido Indij said in a recent interview. The book is divided in two parts: the first narrates the story as a children’s tale, but using Che Guevara’s most famous statements. The second part offers a biography aims at older children, teachers and parents.

The author explained that the book’s division is due to the fact that “we  know that the story of Che Guevara is violent and raw,” and that is why they only address the tragic outcome in the second part, to leave the telling of those details to parents and teachers as they choose.”

“As a book, it is somewhat revolutionary and avant-guard and we know many parents and other readers will pass judgment on it, but those who read it and understand the concept will enjoy it,” Indij added.

For the moment, the book has been launched and will soon make its way to school libraries. The authors indicated that it was submitted to a program of the Ministry of Education to choose books that would be introduced into the school system and it was selected.

According to the book’s take on Che’s life, he “wanted to change the world,” and together with Fidel and ten other comrades they engaged on an uneven struggle against Cuban dictator Batista and his army.